A Kpop Song A Day♥

going to be posting one kpop song a day for who knows how long, until i run out of songs, i suppose.

if you want to request, you can, just leave a message in my ask box and i'll see what i can do :)
disclaimer: although i can usually deliver on my promises, there may come a time where i cannot find the requested song and have to resort to alternatives, so please do not get upset if i do have to do an alternate song (instead of the one requested). thank you~

if you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to leave a message in my ask box (link is up there ^)



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With… - Infinite

requested by suicidels

27 seconds ago
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Anonymous said: where did you get the link do download the laboum's debut mini album?? thank you!!~


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3 minutes ago

kpopimfabulous said: Do you have Super Junior's Mamacita?

I do~ Uploaded here ^_^

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3 hours ago

Eschatology - TOPP DOGG

requested by anon

apparently, AKA “Eschatologist” and “Fever”. idk about the last one, take the anon’s word for it, not mine.

1 day ago
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Anonymous said: I checked it out, turns out that you're right, Fever and Eschatologist are the same song! If you can find it i'd love for you to post it, thank you for all of your help! Sorry for being a bother :)

I’ll upload it tonight ^^

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1 day ago

I Miss You - Girl’s Day

requested by lannyteniente

2 days ago
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Anonymous said: Fever by Topp Dogg is on their Arario EP according to iTunes, but if you can't find it thank you anyway!! :)

I looked at the iTunes page and compared to the wiki, and it seems like on WP it’s listed as “Eschatology” or something? I don’t listen to Topp Dogg so I can’t tell you if that’s the same song or not, sorry :(

But it seems to match up otherwise.

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2 days ago

thanks for the 2500 followers!

just noticed that I made 2500 followers! well technically this shot shows 2501, but I guess I caught it a little late~

This post is post 1980!


2 days ago
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I Swear - SISTAR

requested by anon

2 days ago
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Anonymous said: hi, could i please request Fever by Topp Dogg? thank you so much for this blog! :)

Which one is that? I’ve looked through the Wikipedia page and can’t find anything by that name ^^;

Sorry, I don’t listen to them so forgive me…

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2 days ago

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