A Kpop Song A Day♥

going to be posting one kpop song a day for who knows how long, until i run out of songs, i suppose.

if you want to request, you can, just leave a message in my ask box and i'll see what i can do :)
disclaimer: although i can usually deliver on my promises, there may come a time where i cannot find the requested song and have to resort to alternatives, so please do not get upset if i do have to do an alternate song (instead of the one requested). thank you~

if you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to leave a message in my ask box (link is up there ^)



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Way - KARA

requested by anon

20 hours ago
90 plays
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Anonymous said: Hello, this is a stupid question but I wanted to ask do you know if there is an Japanese tumblr that upload/ takes request like you do? I'm looking for transparent by capsule. So yeah. Thank you very much! Btw, I adore your tumblr.

nope, sorry :(

I don’t really follow (slash know of) any blogs that do anything like that :/

Also, thank you!

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22 hours ago

Leaving (ft. Bumkey) - B-Free

requested by giaponese

1 day ago
546 plays
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Be a Man - MBLAQ

requested by anon

2 days ago
292 plays
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Bloom - Ga-in (Brown Eyed Girls)

requested by anon

3 days ago
282 plays
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Shy Boy - Secret

requested by anon

4 days ago
935 plays
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Off-Road - TVXQ

sorry anon, this is the korean version of “runnin’ on empty” (according to wikipedia, don’t quote me on any of this)! i would upload the actual song, but i already had this one, so…

5 days ago
170 plays
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Blind - Junggigo

requested by anon


6 days ago
47,479 plays
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Anonymous said: Message - MYNAME

already posted here ^_^

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1 week ago

Ooh Ooh (ft. Hoya of Infinite) - Eric Nam

requested by anon

1 week ago
520 plays
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