A Kpop Song A Day♥

going to be posting one kpop song a day for who knows how long, until i run out of songs, i suppose.

if you want to request, you can, just leave a message in my ask box and i'll see what i can do :)
disclaimer: although i can usually deliver on my promises, there may come a time where i cannot find the requested song and have to resort to alternatives, so please do not get upset if i do have to do an alternate song (instead of the one requested). thank you~

if you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to leave a message in my ask box (link is up there ^)



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Betting Everything (English Ver.) - Royal Pirates

requested by anon

12 hours ago
170 plays
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Seoul Hillbilly - Royal Pirates

requested by anon

1 day ago
150 plays
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I’m uploading the whole Royal Pirates album for you, anon, since you went to the trouble of sending me a total of five messages.


2 days ago
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Love Toxic - Royal Pirates

requested by anon

2 days ago
580 plays
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Haru - Royal Pirates

requested by anon

3 days ago
494 plays
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Anonymous said: Can i request Peterpan EXO K ? 😄 Thank you!

uploaded here ^_^

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3 days ago

Don’t Want To Be An Idol - VIXX

requested by anon

4 days ago
466 plays
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Anonymous said: Do you do Royal Pirates song?

I got your message the first four times… I’ll get to the request when I get to it >_< I have a lot of them to get through… No need to send more than one. Maybe two, total, if you feel like the message got lost or something. Thanks.

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4 days ago

Happy Ending - AOA (Ace of Angels)

requested by anon

5 days ago
196 plays
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Anonymous said: Any AOA song?? :)

AOA songs, but I’ll upload another one.

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5 days ago

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